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  • Danke für den Hinweis.
    Hatte nicht gedacht, daß immer nach dem "picon_oled" Ordner gesucht wird, egal wo er sich befindet.
    Klappt jetzt alles.
    Dankeschön arki

    gruß boomer

  • hello I'm interested in how to change the position of the picons (path) I have them all on media / hdd / picon I do not see this option anywhere, other images have this option, so when you change the image or use Barry Allen you're always in the same place media / hdd / picon, I'm sorry for the language thank you

  • you can simply copy them to any other directory that is checked by the software (/usr/share/enigma2, /data, /media/usb, /media/sdcard, ...). or you simply use the piconloader to install the set in the new directory (if your main sat is astra or hotbird). but I think it offers mostly german speaking channels.

  • HDD is not good. When you change the Program or visit EPG, then you must wait, because the HDD starts from Standby.

    Better copy in /data.

    In Merlin is a PiconLoader. The show you Paths.

    In ChannelSelction push Menu, then Picon yes, and setup the Path.

  • On the merlin image just go to the channel list then menu'> ChannelSelection Display Settings> Picon path and choose the path you want.

  • It's not there because it makes no sense to store picons on hdd

  • For me it's best because I have a barry allen on the usb,I do not want to put picons in every image again, I choose the folder pikon on media / hdd and everything is there, on hdd me and my location for epg file

  • I install it in /data.

    I dont need Barry Allen.

    I use Merlin and create in Bootloader a Backup.

    And i use the original Unstable and create a Backup too.

    When i want to change the Image, i must flash the Backup and then load Updates.

    I think, that is the Best way.

    Picons i have in /data. This is the 2nd Partition of Dreambox.

    If you flash a image, the Picons don't delete.