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Wetter im Standby wird nicht mehr angezeigt, Internet Radio findet keinerlei Streams mit Image vom 13.11

  • Just a quick reality check for you: you wrote this on Wednesday. That's 3 days ago. This is my hobby not my job !!!! I decide when I have time to work on something. So stop playing the racism card. This is just ridiculous!

    I'm not your slave. And also sometimes I miss things.

    nobody talks about racism, only you, may be better to look to the mirror

    nobody requests to fix bugs immediately, everybody know that you are enthusiastic and don't work for the money,

    but in fact, if foreigner reports about real bug, it is ignored

    that is a problem

    May be better to confirm it, and say that it would be fixed, when we have the time

    Nobody trolls you

    Our aim to find a solution that everybody was satisfied

    Have a nice weekend

  • this is mic71 accusing me of being a racist. There is no room for interpretation!!!

    and you do the same.

  • That is your opinion.

    First of all, contribute so much as dre to the community that you can let such sayings go. We have already said that sometimes even a message from a user is overlooked. Because we see this as a hobby, not at a profession. And if we do not intend to fix something on our plugin, then you have to accept that or try to fix it yourself. That's why almost all of our plugins are open source, so that users can help developing them.

    And of course mic71 has subliminally implied that foreigners are ignored - what's different from racist understatement?

  • It is good that we figured it out and now everything is clear

    everything is open, if there are bugs, then you can edit yourself or wait for fixes

    the main thing is for you to understand, I demand nothing, and mick71, just in my opinion, reported that, what is worked before and is stopped work and nothing more.

    and then, everything went to the wrong way, racism and so on

    in the end, the goal is not to create a confrontation, but to establish a constructive dialogue

    but again, this is my opinion, I do not impose it on anyone

  • this is mic71 accusing me of being a racist.

    did you dream it? no racism is at issue, calm down, you always pop up in posts where I ask something, with negative reactions

    but you are not visible when it comes to something serious, or write that you are doing well, is not it?

    P.S. a year ago, I asked why the previews on the display were missing? You haven't answered anything, it's normal for you, but it's not normal for the rest of us

    What's the point in asking if I don't get an answer?

    P.S.S. but tell your children about racism and do not fantasize out loud

  • now is good ... otherwise we have to make use of our house rights.

    Since the users think that it is clear who is right here, now I am right and close the thread.

  • Oh, offended vanity. "He didn't answer me." I have that often when reporting bugs. Sometimes Ghost won't answer for years :D

    By the way, Dre is been working on a completely revised version of MST since a long time. So it makes little sense to fix little bugs in the old version / further to invest work.

    Too bad, so far I thought you've been a serious Skinner. Apparently many of these species suffer from excessive self-perception.

    P.S .: Tell your children that from now on they will always have to follow you.

    And now lets stop this little dirty posts.